Guys! We did it! It is the LAST week of classes. Hallelujah! I know that we’re all feeling different ways about this. Some of us (me included) are thrilled that class is over and have super easy finals. Some of us (I’m thinking all you nursing majors, physics people, and math nerds?) know that it can only get worse from here: tests, tests, tests. Of course, I don’t want to exclude anyone, so I have compiled a list of New Girl quotes, gifs, and other nonsense that sum up the general spectrum of emotions right now. Image

Some of you guys are about to go nuts this weekend. You are so thrilled that you only have one or two days of classes to attend, you don’t even care that it’s not quite summer yet. To that, I say, be careful and don’t go overboard. But by all means, celebrate this! Enjoy some cake and get crazy. Responsibly. 🙂 Image We were all here with Schmidt in the middle of the semester. Some people have emerged from the tunnel, but I know that others (my roommate!) are being thrown under a pile of papers, projects, tests, and homework. If you want to crawl in a hole and die, I encourage you not to. See GIF #1. Get crazy! Relax for a night this weekend and then get back to studying. You need a little break in between cram sessions. Image Slackers, I’m looking at you. Some of you aren’t going to study, prepare, or even write that final paper. You’re going to come up with excuses that make zero sense. You’re going to convince yourself that it’s the end of the semester and it doesn’t matter. And that you simply can’t force yourself to type out one more word or focus for one more second. Image Some of you are just so excited that it’s the weekend, you don’t even care that exams are coming up. You just want to forget about class, about homework, and about all the work you have to do in the next five days. This probably fits most procrastinators: pretending you don’t have work until Sunday at 9 p.m. You gotta do what you gotta do- you deserve a weekend to relax! Image I am this person. I’m just trying to sleep in and get rid of this headache that I’ve had for three weeks. Stress, allergies, and contact lenses, hello. If you just want to lay in bed all day on Saturday, more power to you. Sleep, study, watch Netflix, whatever floats your boat. The semester is over. Enjoy the ZZZ’s. Image Some of you are graduating and are incredibly depressed about it. You’re losing your friends, your youth, your carefree nature. Don’t fret, friends. You will make it through this. (You didn’t think you’d survive high school graduation either, but here you are.) I encourage you to listen to some T.Swift, cry a little, and then throw a going away party. You’ll get to see everyone for the last time before heading out, and, who doesn’t like a reason to party? Image No explanation needed.   Good luck on exams, guys!   -Paige Whipple