Being a student doesn’t always have many perks. Most of us are college-broke: we have money, but we don’t really want to spend it. You want to live a lavish lifestyle on a low, low budget. But why not make being a student pay off for once?

Here is a list of four student discounts you may not have known about!



Amazon Prime Student 

Did you know that you can get Amazon Prime for half of the price just for being a student? That’s right! Instead of paying $99/year, you can pay $49/year (monthly payments optional) for full Prime benefits!With Amazon Prime, you have access to Amazon’s amazing expanse with Two-Day Shipping on most Prime-eligible items. You also have access to PrimeNow, a catalog of items which can arrive same-day!

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If you love shopping and you love sales, then this is something that you HAVE to check out! With UNiDAYS, just sign up and prove you are a university student by logging into Peoplesoft. It’s as simple as that! You’ll have access to amazing deals and coupons codes from great shops like Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Apple, Adidas and more!


Spotify Premium for Student 

If you use Spotify and want Premium but don’t have Premium money, you need to check out Spotify Student. The price for a Spotify Premium Membership is only $4.99/month! You get all of the same Premium benefits at half the price. Valid for anyone with a university email address.

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BUT….What if you’re already using Spotify Student?


If not, I have great news for you!

Spotify has very recently joined forces with Hulu for a mind-boggling deal – Spotify Premium and a Hulu membership (with limited commercials) for only $4.99/month. YES BOTH SERVICES FOR $4.99.

It sounds too good to be true, I know. If you already have Spotify Premium for Students, you can activate Hulu as well.


This service also works vice versa. If you already have Hulu with Limited Commercials, you can add Spotify Premium for Students and have you rates lowered to $4.99 a month. Read more here:


Be proud to be a student!

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