Thank you Towson for changing the meaning of these 21 things in our minds forever. 1. Doc: 1174603_10151670711296242_54868907_nUsed to be: that person who awkwardly touches and prods you. Now: that mascot that awkwardly touches and prods you but in a more fun way.   2. Text Alert: fb10Used to be: A text from your BFF alerting you to the cute man/woman near you. Now: TUPD hunting for a criminal in your backyard.   3. Glen: tumblr_lwraykFQ4o1qiohsho1_500Used to be: the kid that got a lot of Candy Canes from Mean Girls. Now: that place you unfortunately eat at for convenience, and the people   4. Walking: die-right-nowUsed to be: A nice casual stroll. Now: a trip up 5 hills, down 2, then back up another 10 hills followed by 3 staircases.   5. Towson Football: ustore-unitasUsed to be: A team that statistically and popularity wise did not exist. Now: NUMBER ONE IN OUR HEARTS. Coincidence that when I started Towson we started winning…..I think not!   6. Paws: 14+-+1

Used to be: an animal’s hand. Now: That place you have to go to, with extremely long lines when you’re ravenously hungry, where the workers call you “princess.”   7. Squirrels: tznb3Used to be: nice little rat things that ran around. Now: insatiable beasts that will come within inches of you, and have their own twitter account.   8. P-Tux: largeUsed to be: possibly a penguin’s tuxedo. Now: the only place where you thoroughly enjoy eating.   9. Registration: 26a55e69f361Used to be: what you casually did to go to a race or event. Now: HELL ON EARTH.   10.  Greek: tumblr_m3enh1yaNQ1rocwym Used to be: that nice Greek Restaurant you went to down the street. Now: the impossibly large amount of people that eat in P-tux together.   11. Breakfast: tumblr_inline_mxas5qxJLW1rt6qr4Used to be: A nice hearty meal filled with protein and carbohydrates for the day. Now: Maybe a granola bar or a shot of expresso chased with a Red Bull.   12. Construction: tumblr_inline_mkugbnm2Cr1ryfya7Used to be: when things are closed down for a couple of days for maintenance. Now: The story of our lives.   13. Coincidence: tumblr_m2sd5lax371r9572lUsed to be: running into someone and literally having no clue how this happened. Now: running into everyone you know all the time. Because let’s face it, it’s all sorts of small town feeling around here.   14. Dating: tumblr_mm06m1zTZv1rjprzro1_500Used to be: in a relationship with someone and going on fun adventures together. Now: casually hooking up or just “talking” aka getting to know someone through texts, Twitter and Facebook stalking, and liking/retweeting of photos and tweets.   15. TigerFest: T6FwClLUsed to be: A festival of Tigers having a good time. Now: an awesome event and the only time you’ll brag about having cake thrown in your face.   16. Free T-shirt/Food: tumblr_mhg9fepbBg1rhhfvuo1_500Used to be: something really awesome but super rare. Now: the holy grail of having people show up to your event.   17. Sundress: Jeremy-Renners-Goofy-Stare-In-Love Used to be: the item of clothing women wore for Easter and other spring time events. Now: Every man’s favorite season and every girl’s wardrobe to class.   18. Blackboard: tumblr_miajr829sY1rrov60o1_500 Used to be: that thing your teacher wrote notes on. Now: an evil invention that makes it impossible to never have work due even on snow days.   19. GDI: tumblr_lcxpnl4yx81qfqhoro1_400   Used to be: what sounded like an STD. Now: A God Damn Independent. We proud. Thank you, Greek Life.   20. Tailgate: I-want-all-the-alcohol-gif Used to be: that fun thing you did with your parents before an NFL game. Now: A complete 2 hours filled with beer, music, and pumped-up Towson fans, AKA heaven.   21. Uptown: tumblr_m77qa4PoK51qase9m   Used to be: the upper part of the town. Now: the bar Mecca of Towson where we try to recreate Sex and the City and/or Workaholics.   -Becca