Hey! Congratulations! You made it through the first week of the semester! Why not celebrate by treating yourself? The best way to connect with your roommates is by playing silly, funny, and positively irreverent board games. You learn a lot about them and yourself! Here are ten of our favorites:

Cards Against Humanity

Described as the party game for horrible people, Cards Against Humanity is the NSFW version of Apples to Apples. If you aren’t easily offended, then this is the game for you.


Really Bad Art

You only have five seconds to draw a picture of an extremely abstract and obscure topic. Do you think you could draw “constructive criticism”? How about “quality of life”? The whole point is you’re not supposed to! Have you friends try to guess which topic card matches your picture. Guaranteed hours of laughter and no one feeling insecure about being a bad artist.



If making really bad art is your thing, then you should definitely check out Tellestrations, a fun mix of telephone and Pictionary. Draw what you see and see what’s been drawn. Do your wacky pictures and descriptions match the secret word?


Heads Up

Can you guess the word that’s on your card? Use your phone to play this awesome Taboo-style game where your friends give you clues to help you determine what your word is! How many words can you get in sixty seconds?



Here’s the situation: You need your partner to guess the word “yearbook.” Problem is, you can’t use the words “photos”, “class”, “school” or “sign.” Not so easy is it? Try to create clues for your partner without using any of the taboo words or phrases. Laugh-out-loud fun for everybody!



If this game hasn’t ended at least one of your friendships you haven’t been playing right! Monopoly is just that – you need to build your empire by monopolizing all of properties on the board. Not responsible for hurt feelings or hurled game pieces. Check out the tons of variations!


Last Word

In this game, it’s not about who can give the answer first, but who is the last person to give an answer before time runs out! Here’s the kick: the timer is random! Sometimes it could be 30 seconds, other times 5! Make sure you always have the last word in order to scale the leaderboard.


5 Second Rule

Pick and card and read the topic. It’s easy until the timer starts! You only have five seconds to name three items that fit into the category. Can you handle the pressure?


Loaded Questions

Answer silly, fun, and head-scratching questions anonymously. The fun begins when players have to guess who gave which response to the question. How well do you really know your friends? A great game of who said what!


Wits and Wagers

“The trivia game you can win without knowing any trivia! Just take a guess and place your bets.” With Wits and Wagers, all you have to do is try your best to answer fun and random trivia questions. Then bet on whose answer you think is best. It’s history’s most award winning board game for a reason! Check it out!

Screenshot_2 WWPartyQuestions


Happy gaming!