Sadly summer is over and it is time again to return to class. Now that a week has passed, I have begun to ponder over some things I have noticed while back. Has anyone else ever walked through campus and had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that is almost like a sigh after holding your breath for a long time? I think it’s because this campus is like a second home and it feels nice to return. Don’t get me wrong, after spending so many years here a huge part of me is still like “Oh my goodness I cannot wait to GET OUT OF HERE ALREADY!” As I am sure many of you all think, as well, especially our seniors who are eager to enter the “real world.” Yet there is something just so pleasant about returning to campus again. First of all, I think we can all agree that it is gorgeous. Towson University is so green. It’s very relaxing on a warm day to just to lay down in West Village or on The Beach staring at the passing clouds and chatting to a friend about what your schedule looks like for this semester. With all of the barbecues going on, the air always smells good… although it also makes me hungry. Plus, I’ve personally spent a lot of time all over the country in many places, and there still no one as friendly as the Towson University students. So yes, I am ready to get out of here, but I feel like I will always come back to the campus that feels like home. Good luck everyone for another semester!

LaborStayWknd 2017 Flyer

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