If you’ve been following The Roar for the past couple semesters (or you just started reading), chances are that you might have stumbled across one of my articles. I wrote about the great parts of college, the not-so-great experiences, advice for students, and the things that we can all relate to together. It’s been a great time, but it’s time for me to toss my cap into the air, wave goodbye to good ol’ Towson, and head off into the wild world of graduate school and “adulting.”

If you’re a graduating senior: congratulations! You made it through (hopefully with some new knowledge, friends, and good memories). Take that degree and put it to good use, but remember that everyone does everything on their own schedule and that nobody’s transition from college to the post-grad world is flawless or graceful.


If you’re not a graduating senior: congratulations! You made it through the semester and another year (whether it was your first or not), and you deserve to celebrate. If you’re returning to Towson next year, grab some mac-and-cheese at ABP, dance on the Dicky’s wall, take a picture on the Stephens Tiger, and enjoy the rest of undergrad. It’s a good time.


It’s been a hectic, fun, stressful, unpredictable, and exciting journey. For those who are still taking it — enjoy it. For those of you who are starting a new one — good luck. Thanks for a wonderful four time, Towson. I’ll miss you.