We’re in the final stretch of classes and finals, and while there is a lot of nostalgia and sadness in the air, there is also a lot of happiness and relief. Towson is a great place, but there are definitely some things that we’ll all be excited to take a break from…

The parking.


Towson is famous for its crazy parking, and during the summer, you won’t have to fight for a place to put your car.

The constant construction.


Most of us have tuned it out by now, but it will be nice not to have to take a detour back to your dorm or wake up to jackhammers at 8AM.

All the traffic.


Traffic in the circle. Traffic on York Road. Traffic on Towsontown. Traffic everywhere.

Fighting for a spot in the packed library. 


When you just want a seat to sit in to focus on your essay, the last thing you need is to wander around for hours when you know some of these people are just here to hang out.

The irregular hours at the dining hall. 


P-Tux is never open when you’re craving it, options are limited on the weekend, and late-night snacks are impossible. Also, home-cooked meals sound way better than some cold, soggy fries, right?

Your annoying roommate or neighbor. 


Nothing is worse than a loud or inconsiderate person. The end of the semester means saying goodbye to that one person who drives you insane by being messy, loud, or rude.

Early morning classes.


No more waking up to sit in an 8AM class. (Better yet, no more waking up hours early to get to your early class).

The homework.


Maybe the biggest thing that none of us will miss, but how nice does two months sound with no exams, required reading, essays, finals, midterms, or quizzes? Sounds pretty great to me.


When you’re feeling exhausted from finals, remember that summer is coming and you’ll be getting a much-needed break. Stay motivated!