If you’re a graduating senior, you’ve probably experienced the whirlwind of emotions that comes with leaving Towson. Whether you started at Towson when you were fresh out of high school, transferred here, or started here after some time off, you may have thought has one (or all) of these experiences.

The struggle of embracing life after college.


This is maybe the most important thing that we can all relate to. No matter what you’re doing after you cross that stage, we all have to accept that soon, we won’t be college students anymore.



No more writing essays! No more 8AM classes, annoying professors, or taking final exams. (Unless you’re going to grad school…)



No longer being able to roll up to classes in last night’s makeup and sweatpants! No longer taking silly pictures on the Tiger after a night at Turtle and Dicky’s or grabbing Chick-Fil-A at Susq in between classes.



What comes next? There’s a lot of uncertainty and confusion surrounding the future. Especially since the pressure to “adult” increases significantly after graduation, I know that I’m not the only one feeling a little anxious.



There will be new students taking your place in classes, other people who will live in your beloved dorm room or apartment and making their own memories. It’s strange to think that Towson University won’t be your home next year, but fear not: your alma mater will always welcome you home.

Congratulations, Class of 2017!