We have finally reached the one month countdown for the remainder of the semester. Some of you all are graduating seniors, and others are still getting accustomed to the Towson community, but regardless of your year, all of us should be taking advantage of all that our campus has to offer! With that being said, make it your obligation to use this last month of the academic year to create new memories, take new risks, and venture into the Greater-Baltimore community!

Here are a few Bucket List items to take advantage of in our community!

1. Go to Tigerfest!

  • The biggest concert on our campus is taking place this Saturday in SECU Arena. If you haven’t purchased your ticket, make it your job to get one before the week is out.

2. Visit the Aquarium!

  • The Baltimore Aquarium is the place to be and Fridays happen to be the discounted night!  Grab a friend and visit for half the price of general admission on Friday evenings after 5 pm.

3. Grab a Bite of Panda Express!

  • If you haven’t already, take a stroll over to West Village Commons and grab a bite to eat at Panda Express! If you ask me, try the Walnut Shrimp with half fried rice and Chow Mein. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Take a picture with every Tiger!

  • Our campus is filled with several Tigers. This makes the perfect photo opp for any graduation pictures or even if you just want to show some Towson spirit! How many Tigers can you find?

5. Pull an all-nighter in Cook!

  • Within the next couple of weeks, Club Cook is going to be the place to be! With finals arising, Cook Library is the perfect venue to get your test prep done. Grab some snacks, and stop at Starbucks before you study away in the home of knowledge!

6. It’s Cookout SZN!

  • When the weather turns nice, Towson is known for its cookouts. We all know the struggle of not having any meals for the remainder of the week, but with these cookouts you’ll surely be in luck. Stay on the lookout for cookouts hosted by your favorite student organizations, which usually take place on Paws Patio. And make sure you get their early because the food will surely run out!

7. Rock the Vote!

  • SGA Elections take place every year at the end of the semester. This years elections will be taking place on May 3rd and 4th at various locations throughout campus. Make it your obligation to look into each ticket, and vote for who you believe will best represent the student body next school year.

8. Attend the Towsontown Festival!

  • If you didn’t know, there is an annual Towsontown Festival that occurs in Uptown. Filled with food, vendors, rides, and more, this year marks the 50th anniversary for the festival! Coming to our city for two days, May 6th and 7th, join the Towson community for the LARGEST outdoor festival in the state of Maryland!

9. Create a Memory Album!

  • College days swiftly pass by, and what better way to remember all that you have done with a memory album. Whether it is a physical picture book, an folder in your camera roll, or a Facebook album, set a space away to look back at all your favorite memories here at Towson!

10. Celebrate your accomplishments!

  • Since this is the end of the semester, outside of all the stress with finals, take time to celebrate all that you have accomplished this year. Never forget the amount of effort you have made in completing this academic year! Whether this means a night out with friends, or treating yourself to your favorite meal, CELEBRATE YOU!

-Joshua Reeves