With Spring weather finally making its appearance in the city of Towson, one can definitely observe how the campus dynamic changes almost overnight. As the temperatures are beginning to rise, a lot of students are out and about on campus, dressed to impress! With several lunch dates in Freedom Square, and blankets all over the lawn for homework, it is a fact that the beautiful weather forces us all to be in a better mood.

In the Winter season, “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on” is more than acceptable, but with this weather, it’s definitely not the time!

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For all of my fashion-enthusiasts, take advantage of this weather, and show off some of the latest trends for the season, as well as your own individuality and style.

Here are a few trends/looks to consider:

  1. Off the shoulder:This simple, but evident change in one’s outfit can drastically alter the look you are presenting. As pictured below, the off the shoulder look creates a clean, sophisticated, runway-esque feel, to any simply top. Whether its an over-sized denim jacket, or a plain white button up, this look will make you fashion forward in less than a minutes worth of time.

    2. Florals:One thing we all love about the Spring season is the flowers. Not just the ones growing in our backyards, but Spring is the perfect time to bring out your floral patterned outfits. Try creating a floral outfit from head to toe. For example, a two piece top and bottom combination like the one Queen Bey is wearing below.

3. Post-Minimalism:

Since Kanye Wests annual Yeezy Fashion Show’s, the monochromatic look has become very popular. Spring is the perfect time to use earth tones, or pastel colors for an entire look. This one color, minimalist concept,  creates a clean, polished, but very high fashion look.

Post minimalismYeezt.jpg

4. Mix and Match:

I’ve given a few ideas on how to create monochromatic, or even one-printed looks. This years New York Fashion Show introduced the risk of using different patterns, and fabrics to create a Mix and Match look on the runway. Even in your own closet, don’t be afraid to combine different patches of fabric to create an eclectic, high-fashion look. If done correctly, your outfit will definitely catch an eye from your peers!

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This weather gives you a big advantage in what you can do in terms of your look fashionably. Instead of being lazy and dressing comfortably, take some time to dress appropriately for the Spring season! Bring out those Spring colors, sandals, and shades and brighten up our campus with some aesthetically pleasing, fashionable looks!

— Joshua Reeves