With the semester practically past its midway point, we are all highly anticipatory of Spring Break. From classes everyday, to maintaining our jobs and internships, this week-long rest period is exactly what we’ve needed! Whether you are going away for a mini-vacation, or simply plan on being snuggled in bed all week, make sure you take some time off just to relax and regain your focus for the remainder of the semester. Here are a few pointers to ensure you have a safe, and productive Spring Break!

1.Safety is key!


We all want to have fun this Spring Break, but fun doesn’t mean being unsafe and reckless! Act responsibly over this break not only for your own good, but the good of those around you. Think consciously about your actions rather than acting spontaneously.

2.Write out your goals!


Yeah, this is what you don’t want to do. Just because we are away for a week,  doesn’t mean things can’t be done. This is a perfect time to write out your goals for the remainder of the semester. Whether you want to plan our your hefty assignments, or want to make a bucket-list before graduation, take this time out to plan ahead to ensure that you want to get certain things accomplished.

3.Plan for the summer!

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Along with goal setting for the semester, it would be smart to begin planning for the summer. This is the perfect time to start searching for summer jobs, or even planning for your next vacation. Although it doesn’t seem close, summer is right around the corner. It’ll be here before you know it so take this time to get a head start on your summer adventures.

4. Serve in your community!


Since we are not in school what a perfect time it is to give back in the service of others. There are several opportunities to find in your region to help others. Take a day or two, rather than doing nothing at all, and make a difference in the lives of others. You, most definitely, will feel good about it!

5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


In college, you know, we rarely have classes cancelled. Although our weather is quite erratic, we are hoping that no more snow storms are coming our way. *fingers crossed* Take this final opportunity to try something new. Visit somewhere for the first time, or even discover a new Netflix series. Whatever it is, remember that you have accomplished so much this semester, and deserve to take it easy for this week long break.

-Josh Reeves