Many of us were probably losing hope that we would have any snow days this semester, but Winter Storm Stella came in clutch for us. Here are some thoughts that we all had on our lovely day off:

  1. Shock that Towson actually canceled before 6AM.


Normally, Towson waits until the morning to cancel. When we all got that text and e-mail before 4PM, it probably made most of our days that much better.

2. Excitement.


A day off the week before spring break (during midterms, no less?)! Yes, please.

3. Realizing that this means another day to put off homework.


No more stressing about studying for that Tuesday exam or deadline. You now have another day at least to procrastinate  prepare.

4. Remembering that we can sleep in tomorrow.


I don’t know about you, but this is the most exciting part for me. No waking up for early morning classes. My bed and I have a date and we’re very excited.

5. Texting your friends and making plans with your newfound day of freedom.


What’ll it be? A night at Turtle? Drinking wine and watching The Bachelor finale? You now have over 24 hours to enjoy.

6. Realizing that it’s mid-afternoon and you should probably start getting your life together…


Suddenly, going back to class doesn’t seem so far away. It’s like Sunday Sadness… all over again.

7. Crossing your fingers and praying that Stella can do some more damage to get us two days of freedom…


… or at least a delay.


Enjoy your snow day, Tigers! Stay warm and safe!