There’s nothing more that I hate

Than the laundry I create.

All the bags of dirty pants,

Shirts, and socks, I just can’t.

And that’s right, bags with an “s.”

I have three.  Oh, what a mess

My room can be

Because you see

When the space becomes no more

I’ll throw the clothes onto my floor.

And still my laundry is not done

Because laundry is just no fun.


I’ll clean before friends come hang out,

But always complain, whine, and pout.

My motivation is surely gone.

Sometimes it helps when music’s on.

I pick clothes up and put them in

The machine that’s set to wash and spin.

Then in the dryer they all go.

I’m halfway through this laundry woe.

When finished I think, “It could have been worse,”

Then change my mind, **** laundry (that’s a curse).

Each week I repeat my laundry gloom.

Did I mention the machines are next to my room?

–Amanda Shorr