For all of my Fenty and fashion lovers, this blog post is specifically for you! Yesterday, singing sensation and fashion icon Rihanna showcased her third collection with PUMA in Paris, France. Her collections have been highly successfully, and this third annual event most definitely has been anticipated for all those in the world of fashion.

rihannaOn social media, the advertisement of this years show was formed as a detention notice stating “I will not be late.” Followed by this announcement, Rihanna shared a quick snippet via Instagram where she walked on  the long-tabled runway in her eye-catching neon green outfit, before the show began. On the short clip she stated that she has never been in love with another collection, as she is with this one. I think I can agree!

The fashion show centered around the theme Fenty University, which took place in The National Library of France. This venue was the perfect location to bring to life the overall aesthetics, and of the collection itself. The show inventively used study tables as the runway. Additionally, the stage was lit with lamps. Genius, right? The thoughtful interior designing literally, and figuratively, set the stage for the trendy looks which were presented on the runway. This schoolgirl…and boy…fashion show created a twist for the traditional American collegiate attire. With bright colors, and a contrast in materials, the runway was filled with one jaw-dropping look after the next!

Check out this sneak peek behind the scenes from the event!

Her inspiration from this collection came from her childhood educational experiences. Growing up, she never had the freedom to wear what she pleased within the confines of the school house. Uniforms were mandatory which dimmed the light on her creativity, and quirkiness. This collection allowed her to tap into her past to illuminate on the uniqueness, individuality, and inclusion within the educational arena. Many have stated that this showcase was like Rihanna’s version of Hogwarts! The venue was filled with media, family, and even celebrity appearances from the Jonas brothers, Future, and Cara Delevingne.

Whether you are a fashion-enthusiast or not, the looks from this collection bring a new look into school fashion. Take a look at these pieces, and even consider what you would wear yourself. And if you’re that bold, take a risk and channel one of these outfits on our very own campus!  Lastly, if you’re a true fan, the Fenty x Puma collection will be on sale this Thursday at 10am.

Yours truly,

Joshua Reeves