I’m sure you all have heard about the hype regarding the newest film “Get Out.” The ratings are at an all-time high, and there’s no doubt that awards are soon to come for such an insightful film. As much as I would love to go into detail regarding specific events in the plot, this blog will not be a spoiler, but simply an encouragement to get out to see the movie.
Visit this link to watch the quick trailer for the movie:
Lets me start by stating that I give this movie 5 stars!5 Star Rating
I personally rarely go to the movies, but after the commentary I saw about the movie, this was one that I was not willing to miss. After seeing the movie, I most definitely would see it for a second time. It’s just that good. So many details which were thought to be frivolous, actually turned out to be quite symbolic for the many issues that the film addresses.
The story focuses around the protagonist, Chris, who is visiting the family of his current girlfriend, Rose. She invites him for a weekend getaway where he is initially greeted by the welcoming, loving, family. Prior to the trip, Chris has some concerns regarding the families thoughts of their interracial relationship, but Rose suggests that there is nothing to worry about. As the weekend progresses, an unfortunate series of startling events leads Chris to believe that the family is out to get not only him, but the African American race.
The movie is a gateway to allow its viewers to think about the ways in which race governs our society as well as the corruption surrounding racism. The film is creative in its approach to address these disturbing, yet important, conversations. It combines horror and comedy to effectively address one of today’s biggest issues.
Get ready for an applauding, screaming, jaw-dropping theater which will certainly leave you considering our most desperate social concerns all while enjoying this riveting film. Grab your popcorn, and a friend, and head to your nearest theater because this is not a movie you just want to slide by. Matter a fact, take advantage of Towson Cinemark’s Tuesday Discount day for $6.60 tickets with your OneCard.
 –Joshua Reeves