As fast as the semester is already flowing by, May couldn’t come any quicker for this years graduating seniors. The thought of walking across the stage in SECU Arena, accepting your diploma from Dr.Kim Schatzel, is a consistent image that motivates our daily thoughts, and actions. Post-graduation plans and opportunities might already be secured, but there seems to be only one thing standing in the way from these goals.


Websters defines Senioritis, as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” And YES, we most certainly know that it is real! Our motivation to want to wake up every morning for our 8am’s, make it to our internships, and even work is a constant struggle! We are so close to the brink of graduation, and although we are less than 3 months away, it seems like an eternity.

In my efforts to want to push through myself, here are a few tips to encourage you all in ensuring that you make it to graduation day!


I constantly find myself complaining about what I don’t want to do! All of this wasted time could be spent actually getting assignments completed. Try fostering this energy into something productive! Knock out a few of those big assignments so you can celebrate later!giphy-1


You have made it to your last semester in college! If that isn’t something to celebrate, then I don’t know what is. With all of the responsibilities you must fulfill this semester, don’t forget to take a minute, or even a night out, to encourage yourself, and celebrate all that you have accomplished this far.



If you have never been one to consider yourself “organized”, now is the time to begin to do so. Grab and planner, and plan out all of our obligations from now until graduation day. This includes midterms, research papers, and even interviews for job opportunities. With this organization you will be able to stay on track with all that is needed to be done, but most importantly stress-free. tumblr_lk8qaer5901qzadef


We all have our lists of things we want to accomplish before leaving TU! Before the semester is out make it your duty to do everything you said you would your freshmen year. Whether its to take a picture with ever Tiger on campus, or finally attend a Tigerfest concert, don’t leave this university with any regrets. Cram these activities into your schedule because you don’t want to be that graduate that’s looking back wishing they took advantage of all the opportunities our campus provides.


Whether its saying up till 4am every night, or procrastinating on assignments, these bad habits won’t last in the real world. This is the very time to get rid of these negative rituals so that when you have your career, you are not falling short in the same areas. Get your nights rest, prioritize, and eat three meals a day! Make it your duty now to try to do better! If you work towards these areas, by May these habits can be broken! All it takes is your dedication and honesty to change.


Before you know it, it’ll be May! You will be turning in your last paper, finishing your last lab, in awe that the year has finally ended. If you can take these simple, yet important tips in mind throughout these few months you’ll surely, without of a doubt, make it to graduation day. You can do it! We both know you can! Just push through, and see that dim, but vibrant light at the end of the tunnel!


Yours truly,

Joshua Reeves