It’s getting real everyone. Graduation is this week. It’s been a very wild four (and a half) years for me at TU. I’m sure it has been just as wild for most if not all of you December graduates. I remember first coming to Towson back in August of 2012. The entire campus was so different.

(Seriously. The West Village bridge wasn’t there, Carroll, Marshall, Newell and Richmond halls did not exist, Burdick Field wasn’t turfed, Burdick Hall was different, there was a small bridge going through some woods to get to class, etc.)

Yeah, Towson has gone through a lot in four (and a half) years. Not just in look, but in experience. Imagine what could happen when the class of 2020 walks the stage. Well, here are a few ways I would like to see Towson change by then. Some of these are actually serious…others, not so much.

Two reading days

Towson finally caught up to other universities and gave us ONE reading day before finals. However, it would just make sense to give us BOTH Monday and Tuesday. Right? Why have just one day of classes and then exams?

Better sports atmosphere

Friends of mine and I do believe that Towson, a Division I school, has the potential to be a real powerhouse in terms of sporting atmosphere, regardless of our teams’ records. We have the spirit! We can get there and look like the schools on ESPN. C’mon guys we play the SportsCenter theme song. We want every seat filled and everyone cheering and going nuts!


Diversity and Equity/Equality

Yes, I’m going there. Towson has come really far since the notorious White Student Union. The university has become a diverse and accepted campus for people of color and other marginalized groups. Still, more can be done. Our issues are still left unheard of by some. Others just don’t care to listen. I would love to see the university staff and students work to unsure that all perspectives (even the most conservative) are heard and work to build a stronger and united campus.


End. All. Construction.

I really don’t want to tell anyone how to do a job, especially if I don’t know how to do it…But please, please, please hurry up and build all things! I’m not the only one who’s tired of seeing construction sites everywhere.


Build Us a Wading Pool!

Speaking of construction (I’m going to be super hypocritical), if we’re gonna build/rebuild everything…let’s throw in a wading pool! I found one in Washington D.C. this summer across the river and it was gorgeous! It had a waterfall! That could be the new hangout spot when it’s warm. And when it’s cold…freeze it and turn it into an ice skating rink!

Of course, there are more things I would like to see, but this is my top five. Towson will always be a home for me, but these five would make it better! I love you TU!