With all the drama, and chaos that consumes our day to day encounters, we as a society tend to forget all the good amongst us. From forgotten blessings to simple necessities, we become so complacent in areas that could be taken away from us in a matter of seconds.

The month of November is one of the most hectic times in the year. From the holidays, to the end of the semester, its hard for us to focus on ourselves and our own mental stability. This month I challenge you all to focus on the positive, and trigger your thinking to those things of joy and love.

Although the month has already began, its never to late to cultivate a heart of gratitude. Accepting this 30 Days of Thanks challenge implies that you are making a conscious decision to recognize and express the appreciation that surrounds your life.

Each day try to challenge yourself to grow in gratitude throughout your various responsibilities. Whether it is through a simple post-it, or even a social media post, try to keep track of all the things you are grateful for this month. You might find that this small act brings a better attitude, or even a spirit of optimism to your day. “Cultivating a heart of gratitude is the beginning of your journey to joy”!


-Joshua Reeves