Spongebob Squarepants is one of my generation’s most beloved shows. Whether it’s quoting a line or catching a re-run on Nickelodeon, Spongebob lives on in our hearts. And, somehow, the show always seems to describe the college student struggle. Here are 18 times that Spongebob & Co. knew exactly what you were thinking as you experienced the ups and downs of college…

1. When you get paid, but then realize you’re still in ~hella~debt…


Nope. No money here.

2. And when you think you have money, but you don’t…


Seriously. No money.

3.  When your roommate leaves for the weekend:


Who is going to entertain you?

4. When your professors all conspire against you, you have six hundred assignments due in one week, and you turn in the last assignment like…


“I don’t care how bad this is. Just take it. Please.”

5. Trying not to panic about how much work you have to do…


I’m dead. That’s it. Goodbye.

6. When your professor is nearly 15 minutes late and you look at your friend, thinking about how you’ll get to leave:


Those two minutes have never moved so slowly.

7. When someone mentions free food on campus…


Twitter: @TUFreeFood. You’re welcome.

8. When your friend is hungover and you have to nurse him or her back to health…


They would do the same for you.

9. Watching freshmen go out when you’re a senior…


Miniskirts in freezing weather? Burnett’s? I’m too old for that.

10. When finals week sneaks up on you…


And you ask yourself, what did I do all semester?!

11. When your professor announces that there’s a pop quiz on the reading that you forgot to do…


Last time you forget that!

12. When you need a break after a lot of hard work doing nothing…


Go ahead, you earned another episode of Netflix.

13. Walking out of the class you hated on the last day like…


See ya! Thanks for nothing!

14. When your 8AM class is canceled…


Which means that you can FINALLY sleep in.

15. When you have three papers, two exams and a presentation all in the same week:


It’s fine! Everything is under control!

16. When your professor won’t round up your grade from an 89.7 to the A-…


I’m not crying, you’re crying.

17. But, when it’s finally winter break and you realize that you get a break for almost six weeks…


Sleeping in! No essays!

18. And then you realize that another semester is starting and the whole process begins all over again.


We may complain, but coming back to school is one of the best feelings and we all secretly love college. It moves quickly, so don’t lose track of time! Relish all those 8 a.m.’s, hectic weeks, and unreasonable professors… or maybe not.