Ah, senior year. The year that I have been looking forward to and dreading since I started college. You can spot a senior by the bags under their eyes or their looks of frustration when you ask what they want to do with their degree. Here are 10 signs that you might be afflicted with “senior syndrome.”

1. Thinking to yourself, “This is easy! Senior year is going to be a time to kick back and relax.”


What were you thinking?

2. And then realizing that it’s not all fun and games.


Maybe you looked at your syllabus or your work schedule, but you’re starting to have a heavy realization…

3. It’s actually a lot of work. You may not have five classes, but you probably have internships, a job (or two… or three…) and a lot of other obligations.


4. Your face when people ask, “What are you going to do after graduation?”


I used to resist the urge to roll my eyes, but now I just do it.

5. Looking for jobs. (See: Wishing you picked a major with more options).


It’s never as easy as it looks.

6. OR… grad school applications.


And thinking about all the student debt that you will acquire.

7. Simultaneously wanting to do everything around campus that you haven’t done yet and wanting to sleep for three weeks.


“I slept eight hours… this week!”

8. Hating younger students for having free time.


And giggling a little at how naive they are.

9. The word “senioritis” taking on a whole new meaning. You’ve given up on drinking anything other than wine, putting on real clothes or makeup, and getting a normal amount of rest.


And you thought you had it bad in high school.

10. Getting nostalgic that college is almost over. 


Do we really have to graduate?

Whether you’re ready to graduate or not, you know that it is a whirlwind of emotions and you might be excited to leave one minute and sad the next. Adulting is hard and we don’t really want to do it… yet. If you’re graduating in December, remember that Grad Fair starts today and you must order your cap and gown by November 19!

Enjoy the remaining time at TU and enjoy college while it lasts!!