Alright guys, time to be serious for a minute. I want you all to be safe at all times, especially at night. There has been some weird things happening lately. Creepy clowns have been popping up, police were chasing down an alleged suspect (guns out and all) in the Fairways this past weekend, and, of course, there is always the craziness that is Uptown Towson on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

With Homecoming and Halloween coming up, and also as the daytime gets shorter, I would like to remind you of ways to stay smart and stay safe.

1.) Travel with Friends. Don’t Go Alone

Traveling with 1 or two more people will always make you feel safer and protected. It also makes you look less vulnerable to anyone who even try to hurt you.

2.) Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

This is huge. I know we all like to scroll on our phones or listen to music as we travel, but please don’t let that fully distract you. Look up every 5-10 seconds. Check your perimeter to make sure your surroundings are safe. Have one earbud in and the other out. Just be overall aware of what’s happening around you.

3.) Charge Your Phone Before Leaving

This is sort of a no-brainer since we are a tech savvy generation. You never want a low battery in the case of an emergency. No matter how big or small.

4.) Think Twice About That Off-Campus Party

Let’s be real: some of us like to party. But those actions could get many of us in serious trouble. So please think twice about where you are going. If you plan on hosting anything, you should also think twice about that. There are new laws in effect.


5.) Report Anything Suspicious

Remember, TUPD’s number is 410-704-4444. Don’t be afraid to dial 911 if necessary.

6.) Download Security Apps

I’m pretty sure there’s an app for immediately calling 911, or creating distractions, or something. I’ve never tried this, but I know good people who have.

7.) Don’t. Drive. Drunk.

JUST. DON’T. DO IT. Call a cab, an Uber, a Lyft. As a matter of fact, if the Tiger-In-Town shuttle runs near you, please take that Thursday through Saturday.


I care for my people. So I say all of this to look out for you. For other ways of how to stay smart, safe and positive during this Homecoming week, check out the Positive Homecoming Rally that’s happening TODAY!!! BTW…they have free stuff!