More and more people are studying abroad during their college years, but another good option for students is interning abroad! Through programs like Global Experiences (which is an affiliate program of Towson University for all of my fellow Tigers), you get the best of both worlds: being abroad and getting real work experience while you do it. From someone who is interned in Dublin this past summer through GE and had the time of her life, here are ten reasons to consider an internship with Global Experiences in a foreign country!

10. You can do it on your own schedule.


No need to take a full semester. Go abroad in the summer (or fall… or spring!). It’s up to you.

9. Gallup Strengths Quest support, career preparation and interview skills, and resume and cover letter revision.


Global Experiences provides you with training before you go abroad. Whether that means taking the Strengths Quest (which is important because Towson is a Strengths School) or polishing that resume, you’ll get hands-on attention to making you a successful intern.

8.Variety in locations and internship placements.


Dublin? London? Florence? Sydney? They’ve got options, and they’ll find you something in your field.

7. Meeting people from all over the world.


The people in your program won’t just be from your home university. They’ll be from all over, and combined with the international friends you’ll make, interning abroad is a great social experience.

6. Immersion in a foreign country’s work culture. 


Every country has a different way that they approach working. When you’re interning in a foreign place, you become a part of their work culture and will gain experience about the world. (Not to mention that global experience is a very impressive thing to put on a resume now!)

5. Experience in your field (with an internship that is tailored for your needs).


Whether your field is related to physical education or fashion, or hospitality to editing, Global Experience can accommodate your interests and skills. And who knows, you might even find out a new passion of yours!

4. Still having free time to explore and take trips.


One of my favorite things is that I still had the weekend to explore my city and take international trips. Interning abroad is important, but sightseeing, touristing, and traveling are important, too. Global Experiences even offers some day trips as part of your tuition!

3. Increased independence.


When you’re abroad, you’re forced to learn how to live on your own. Whether that’s a new language or finding a grocery store, you’ll learn to challenge yourself, adapt, and amaze yourself with the skills that you didn’t even know you had.

2. Networking.


Between the company that you work for, the company that you’re traveling through, and all of the various people on your trip and the locals that you will meet, you develop a huge and expansive network for your professional life.

1. Having great stories to tell when you come home.


Interning abroad will change your life. Worried about FOMO? Don’t be. Interning abroad is the best decision that I could have made and its benefits will last for a lifetime.

And if this list doesn’t sell you on it, then you should talk to me… because I will.