Fall gets a lot of hype, and honestly, it deserves it. Even though we’re all back to school (and back to all the school-related stresses), here are some things to enjoy during this autumn season.

1. Not walking to class and pouring sweat.


Possibly the most important benefit of fall.

2. Getting your favorite fall-related Starbucks drink.


Whether that’s the ever-popular pumpkin spice latte or a salted caramel mocha, fall drinks are delicious. (Or you can try apple cider or a caramel drink, made easily at home!)

3. That being said, pumpkin spice everything. 


If pumpkin spice is your thing, there’s everything from pumpkin spice cookies to butter to chapstick. It’s become a full-blown obsession, but I’m okay with it.

4. Fall foliage.


If you’re not taking the time to admire the changing leaves, you’re missing out! Whether you’re just walking around on campus or you’re able to head out to Loch Raven Park, take some time to appreciate all of fall’s natural beauty.


5. Pumpkin picking.


One of the classic autumn activities, pumpkin picking is a classic. I recommend Rodger’s Farms for a variety of fall activities, including hay rides, mazes, and a huge pumpkin patch.

6. Apple picking.


Since the weather is so beautiful, why not head outside to pick some apples, too? Weber’s Cider Mill Farm has inexpensive apple picking through October and it’s a great way to get outside, enjoy the weather, and get some treats.

7. The return of your fall wardrobe.


Between riding boots, sweaters, puffy vests, and jeans, the fall wardrobe is definitely my favorite (and the most comfortable).

8. Halloween (and Thanksgiving).


Halloween and Thanksgiving are the greatest holidays. From the low-priced bulk candy to being with family, they never lose their fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously – why not throw a themed party and use it as an excuse to dress up? Also popular in this area: Fed Hill-o-Ween. If you’re of legal age, check it out!

9. Haunted houses and scary movies.


If you like being scared, haunted houses and watching scary movies can be really exciting fall activities. If you’re into haunted house-type experiences, head to Field of Screams, Bennett’s Curse, and Fort Howard. For scary (or just Halloween-themed movies) check this out.

10. The countdown to Christmas.


This time of the year is the best because it’s all the best things in a couple months. Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are exciting times of the year! Even if you don’t celebrate these holidays, enjoy the delicious food, lighting the themed candles, and the overall excitement in the air. (Full disclosure: I also don’t celebrate Christmas, but I can’t help to be happy with all the cheery music and peppermint-flavored things).

We might be back at school, but we’re allowed to have a little fun. With October finally here, try some of these fun activities and enjoy your autumn while it lasts!