Though we’re all mourning summer, there are some good things about being back at school! Even though the start of the semester means stressing over exams and not being able to find parking, here are 20 things to look forward to during fall semester:

1. Taking pictures on one of the the tiger statues or the Towson art by Hawkins and Psychology and captioning it about being back to school.

2. Spending a lazy night burrowed into one of the deep booths at Paws, eating greasy food and watching Netflix on your laptop when you said you’re “doing homework.”

3. Actually finding a spot in Cook Library near an outlet.

4. Spending way too much money in the Union store, because a new year calls for more school clothing and decorations… right?


5. Being slightly taken aback when the Stephens’ clock tower rings on the hour.

6. Checking out what new construction is going on, because you know it’s always something. (Closing Newell? No bridge to the towers? No bridge to West Village? No problem!)

7. Getting your body reacquainted with late night pizza from Pizza Palace, Seasons, and Lotsa (and mourn Pizans).


8. Watching all the trees change color in front of Stephens Hall; with all that brick and old architecture, it looks like a scene out of every college movie.

9. Running into everyone you know at Towson Hot Bagels on a Sunday morning.

10. Wasting time in between classes by sitting in Freedom Square and people watching.

11. Trying to figure out which people are playing Pokémon Go as they watch from class to class. 


12. Waiting in a ridiculously long line for a California or Baltimore roll at Kappa Sushi, or head next door to wait in an even longer line to get pesto pasta or a burrito at Ptux.

13. Speaking of which… never knowing the hours of Ptux ever. (And facing the disappointment when you walk across campus to a closed dining hall).

14. Watching all the people sleep on the couches in the CLA entrance halls.


15. Stopping at Troy’s Hotdog Stand for a $2 snack after a night uptown.

16. Taking a Jimmy’s Cab and seriously doubting the credentials of the driver.

17. Tailgating for a football game, then only stay until the Dance Team and marching band perform at halftime.

18. Taking a day off by going to the Inner Harbor, the Jarrettsville sunflower field, or Weber’s Cider Mill Farm.

19. Spreading a blanket out on Newell Field or in the West Village quad, and enjoy the last lazy days before the semester kicks in.

20. Realizing that even if heading back to school means essays and exams, you don’t need a specific reason to be excited, because it’s just nice to be back in Tiger Town.