I’m just going to put this out there. While I’m sure students everywhere understand, I’m not sure that everyone does. Here goes: honors students aren’t superheroes. We’re not super-humans. We’re not geniuses, flawless, impeccable with time management, or better than any other student. For all intents and purposes, we’re exactly like every other student.

First of all: I am in no way knocking the honors system. I’m proud of being in the Honors College and I am incredibly thankful for all the opportunities with which it has provided me. I just want to break down the idea that honors students are more than others.

All throughout my time at college, I’ve heard professors or other adults express the same sort of sentiments: “Oh, you’re an honors student? You must have a 4.0!” or “You guys can figure it out. You’re honors students!” or “You must be used to taking a full course load, working two jobs, completing an internship, and being in extracurriculars! You can’t have a meltdown about it, because you’re an ~honors student~.”


No. None of this is correct. First things first: no, honors students don’t all have 4.0s. If you do, great. If not, still great! We’re all still trying our best, but expecting students to perform flawlessly puts a huge amount of pressure on them. Secondly: no, we’re not mind-readers. If your syllabus isn’t clear or you don’t fully explain your expectations, we, just like any other student, have questions. Please don’t expect your students, whether they’re honors or not, to just “know what you mean.” Third: No. We’re all busy people. Between balancing all the academic work that we do, working, interning, having a social life, and trying to sleep and eat enough, it takes a huge toll on our stress levels. Don’t ever tell anyone, honors student or otherwise, that they “don’t need to flip out” or that they “should be used to this.”

Just like everyone, honors students are doing their best. We’re academically motivated, passionate about community service, and involved students, but we aren’t superheroes. While we appreciate the challenge, we’re not perfect. Please don’t treat us as such.