Recently in the music industry, three prominent recording artists have released record-winning albums. Competing drastically to remain #1 on music charts, Rihanna, Drake, and Beyonce have literally poured out their hearts and souls into the studio!  Many debate on whether these are the best albums produced by the popular icons, but across various social media platforms, several critics have started comparing the three artists to one another.

Lets just start of this post by stating:


How can you compare Drake, a rapper, to Beyonce a female singing sensation? Their artistry cannot be compared to one another for the sole purpose of who and what they are trying to attract, and achieve. Although the two albums were released exactly seven days apart, there is no way one can try to compare two different genres of music to one another!

Drake has been, and will always be, known for producing “sad music.” He’s the type of rapper that makes you cry about the type of relationship that never existed. In his newly released album, “Views,” one critic stated that this may be the quietest Drake album yet. There’s nothing sonically exceptional here as most songs have either a smooth R&B groove, a low-key street beat or a tropical-tinged island sound.” His incorporation of dance-hall music is a total shift from his past musical choices, and brings a foreign vibe to his work. His album cover has been manipulated into various random settings, as Drake is seen to be sitting on just about anything. It look’s like Drake has made his way to Towsontown!


With her internet breaking album, Beyonce has continued her “tradition” of producing a visual album, and releasing them unexpectedly to the general public. This one hour, 12 track production highlights Beyonce’s personal narrative of being in a relationship that is corrupted through a violation of trust. Critics immediately directed this theme  to her husband, Jay-Z, who possibly could have cheated on her in the past. If this is so, this is what you call “DIRECT SHADE”!


Lastly, Rihanna’s album, “Anti,” was released in January yet her popularity in stardom has kept her in several conversations recently. The constant comparison of Rihanna and Beyonce grace our timelines ever so frequently, as both #TeamNavy and #TheBeeHive have no problem with verbally cutting your throat in your mentions. “Needed Me” and “Kiss It Better” are two of the most popular songs from the album which will definitely make you consider supporting Rih (If you currently do not). Instead of comparing the two artists, we should all accept and praise these ladies for the commendable artistry.

All three albums are so different, but great in their own ways. If you have yet to check out any of these albums, you are most certainly missing out! These albums will definitely be on the radio throughout the entire summer, so BEWARE, they aren’t going anywhere for quite some time. So instead of claiming you’re “ANTI-*insert artist here*,” take some time to VIEW the album on your own. Rather than going off what you hear on social media, grab a cup of LEMONADE and be the judge for yourself.