There are all different kinds of people. It just so happens that you like things done your way… and maybe you have “your way” perfected and your schedule down to a science. If being busy makes you happy and you use cleaning your room as a fun break, the rest of this list is for you:

You panic if there’s no structure in your day.


What do you mean I have four free hours? That’s awful.

You have a deep-seated hatred for group projects.


“Here guys, just follow this flow chart I made that details exactly what everyone should do and at what time! Or I can just do it all myself. I’ll do it myself.”

Organizing makes you calm.


Transferring my agenda notes to my desk calendar? Sounds fun to me!

You don’t procrastinate.


I’d prefer to just do it like, three weeks before it’s due.

You love spreadsheets, agenda books, color-coded notes, and To Do lists.


I love it almost as much as I like subsequently crossing things off my lists, even if it’s just “take a shower” or “sit still for five minutes.”

You’re rarely late and waiting for people drives you crazy.


Life motto: Five minutes early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.

You’re a little uptight about certain things.


We’re trying to be more empathetic and flexible. It just makes us reallyreallyreally anxious.

You hold yourself to ridiculous standards.


Yeah, I cried over getting an A- on an exam. It’s fine. It’s normal.

People may call you an over-scheduled, insane workaholic, but you prefer calling yourself “motivated,” “reliable” and “high-achieving.”


We all have our flaws and we’re doing our best… sometimes.