The end of April into mid-May is a college student’s worst nightmare: all of the warm weather and all of the final exams and papers. We would all rather be lounging around with a cool drink in hand, but most of us are hunched over our computers with a coffee, counting down the minutes until the semester is over. With that being said, there are some things that every Towson student has seen around campus during this stressful time:

People sleeping in the strangest places.


Middle of CLA? No problem! Facedown in the grass? Don’t mind if I do!

A three-mile line at the Starbucks (especially the one in Cook, but the one on York Road is not much better).


It suddenly takes half an hour just to get an iced coffee.

People spreading out their blankets in Freedom Square or the West Village Quad, trying to both tan and read their textbooks.


Might as well kill two birds with one stone… right?

All of the people who you have never seen before… taking your normal spot in the library.


You can’t feel too bad for the people who need a 100% on the final just to pass the class.

That one kid who you haven’t seen since the first week of class finally makes a reappearance.

Colbert Wave.gif

Hey, friend! Good to see you again!

People rolling up to class in running shorts and sweats.


It’s the attire of the hopeless college kid. Makeup? Doing your hair? Forget about it. Bonus points if the student still have pillow lines (or textbook lines) imprinted on their cheek.

Not being find a spot to sit ANYWHERE. Especially near a plug.



Everything from the booths at PAWS to the tables at ABP are packed. And if you want to plug in your computer, good luck.




It’s bound to happen. It’s either on the phone to their Mom about wanting to drop out, to a professor asking if they can raise your grade, or to a friend about studying.

Someone talking on their phone in a quiet area.


It’s always a long, loud, detailed conversation. WHY. WHY DO YOU DO THIS. WHAT HAS MADE YOU SO INSENSITIVE.

Someone, counting down the days.


Less than one month to go!