The end of the semester is exciting, fun, stressful, annoying, and crazy… all at the same time. It’s moving too slowly and too quickly. Between Tigerfest and final exams, you’re bound to experience a range of emotions. Here are 15 times that Harry Potter perfectly explained how you’re feeling from now until the end of May:

When all of your professors decide to drop another paper, exam, or assignment on you at the last minute… and at the same time:


When your friend surprises you with food or coffee after a long, stressful day:


When you work hard on an group project only to have the rest of your group drop the ball and you’re wondering what you did to deserve this:


When after a hard and tiring day, you remember that there’s only a couple of weeks left:


When you’re feeling like you’re in this alone and then you are reminded that you aren’t:tumblr_nqelc7xGnp1tqtla0o1_250.gif

When you’re preparing for the final and you realize that you’ve been letting all those reading assignments go for a little too long:


AND when you manage to do better on your exam than you probably deserved:


When your professors explain everything that will be on the final and look at you like:


When you’re struggling to pay attention to a lecture and all you want is for class to end:


When you’re finally able to take a break from your work to kick back and relax:


When you pull an all-nighter and manage to get all your work done and do well:


When you look at everything you have to do for the next week:


When your friends want to go out but you know you have to stay home and do homework:


When you realize that just laying down and never getting back up would probably be a lot easier than these next two weeks:


When you finish all your work and you realize that your blood, sweat, and tears have finally paid off and that you’re done for twelve glorious weeks:



This might be a crazy time of the semester, but remember that Harry Potter did all his school work and conquered Lord Voldemort, and that you totally can too.