The first annual Culture Con event was truly a night to remember! Inaugurated by the Student Government Association and Housing of Residence Life, these two organizations united to showcase and cultivate an “exchange of different ideas, experiences, and facets of the Towson University community”. Within the mission statements of both organizations, the two groups strive to promote a “positive campus community”, which can only be established through the acceptance of other backgrounds, cultures, and identities.

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Designed in an expo-style set up, the event allowed various organizations to showcase  not only the mission of their group, but teach others something new in an interactive way. At each table, the featured student group presented a hands-on cultural activity for participants to engage in. Some included sharing a cultural dish, making “Papel Picado,” and writing your name in Arabic.  Free shirts, food, and raffles were just an addition to the already eventful occasion!

138.JPG Junior, Heidi Stasiowski, says that her favorite part of the night was to physically see how diverse our campus is. She states “knowing it is diverse is much different than actually seeing the eclectic groups that are present at our school.”  As a Resident Assistant, Heidi invited her residents to this event as her weekly community engagement opportunity (CEO). She says that she had a great turn out from her residents, and they all enjoyed the performances featured that night.

The nights performances varied from strolls-off by the members of both Alpha Kappa Alpha and Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority Inc., to a choreography and runway showcase from the Divaz and Gentz of Modelz of Distinction. If you missed out on this great event 108.JPGhopefully you can make it to next years round two! With the success of this only being the first Culture Con, it’s bound that next year will be even bigger and better. In the mean time, check out involved@TU to get involved with the various student groups here at Towson. This will not only allow you to make new friends, but more importantly you can become aware, adept, and accepting, of the diversity present on our campus.

-Joshua Reeves