Hey Tigers! Fine, I’ll apologize for the terrible pun. I just can’t help contain my excitement after experiencing Light City Baltimore! For those who have read my previous post (if not, shame on you) I mentioned this event as a week long celebration of innovation and creativity through the use of LIGHTS! A festival so bright it would make Ellie Goulding proud.


On that note.. Light City Baltimore offered beautiful displays, hypnotic performances, interactive components, free boat rides through Uber, various types of food, and even carnival rides. Each night of the week attractions would even rotate! That way, every time you came each experience would be different!  Not only that, but a Light City app was made available that contained a map along with a schedule to help guide you through the nights events! To help get you a feel for a typical night, here is a time log of my personal experience:



6:45 PM – The girls and I are walking to the union from Towson Run Apartments to catch the bus to Light City Baltimore! There is a slight chill in the air that I hope will go away soon.

7:00 PM – We reach the union right on time and the lovely TU commuter group (through Student Activities) is there waiting. They pull out a box of bright accessories we can all choose from to blend in with the surroundings of the vibrant city. I pick these awesome light up gloves and a ring to go with it.

7:15 PM – The bus is here! He doesn’t quite know how to follow directions down a one-way street… but he’s here!

7:30 PM – We are loaded and ready to go to the Harbor! The bus gets moving and our wonderful GA for the evening gives us some information regarding return times and drop off points.

7:35 PM – I’M EXCITED!!!!

7:37 PM – I have been called out by the GA. Note to self: keep excitement to a minimal.

7:52 PM – “WE’RE HERE!” I practically scream as we drive through the harbor. I look out the window and I see lights everywhere! To my left are umbrellas illuminated by beautiful colors


To my right there are an array of radiant discs people are stepping on (that I’ve seen in many snap chat stories, as I’m sure you have too).


After this I can barely decide what I want to see first. My friends agree.

8:05 PM – Once we get off the bus we decided to head to the ferris wheel. On our way there we see some cool stations where people are writing  on what appears to be a kind of dry erase board (that glows).


8:15 PM – The Ferris Wheel line is too big. We decide to try a boat ride instead since Uber was offering them for free!

8:20 PM – The line is long.

8:21 PM – We wait anyway.

8:50 PM – We are on the boat! It’s taking us from one side of the harbor to the other where more lights await us. I can’t help but hum the song from Titanic while a family four gives me a strange look.


9:15 PM – Once we are safely ashore, more lights beg for our attention. This includes huge light orbs my friends try to climb in and awesome shape projections that are put up against spraying water.


9:43 PM – We are being followed by a creepy clown light up man-thing on stilts… If you’ve been there then you know who/what I’m talking about. Send help.

9:45 PM – The clown thing continues pursuing us despite my clear distaste.

9:47 PM – I have managed to lose him… However, in the process, I seem to have lost the rest of my friends.

9:52 PM – I spot someone from my group taking snap chat pics of the little sailboats in the water that light up the harbor. I think they’re my favorite so far.


10:00 PM – The group gets fully reunited and we go play in the mini park they have where all the Xylophones are (they are there all year round by the way). I even slide down a sculpture.

10:20 PM – It’s started raining and I’m dancing like an idiot.

10:22 PM – It’s now pouring and I’m trying to escape the turrent of water underneath a sculpture of a boat propeller. How ironic.

10:45 PM – Once my group determines we can no longer fit under the propeller, we head inside a nearby building. I swear it’s the second coming of Christ. Rain comes down in sheets and thunder/lighting almost shakes the building. All we were missing was the sound of a trumpet along with a multitude of the heavenly hosts.

11:00 PM – Unfortunately we had to end our little outing a bit early once the rain subsided. Settled back on the bus, we reflect on our adventures. It will be a night I won’t forget anytime soon.




I hope my experiences give you a little inspiration for going next year. This will become an annual thing so take advantage of the awesomeness the harbor has to offer (It’s only 20 minutes away, people!).

Shout out to the ladies/gentlemen at TU commuters and our bus driver, Mr. Neal! Couldn’t have done this without you!

Til’ next time,

Raven 😛