As you should already know (it’s not like the university is constantly reminding us), this academic year marks the 150th Anniversary of Towson University! 150 years is a long time! Can you even imagine what TU looked like decades ago? Towson wasn’t even in the name until 1960 when the school changed its name to Towson State College. Well, I’ve done some digging and found some old school pictures of Towson. In honor of the 150th TU Homecoming, let’s take a trip back in time through Towson University’s history! Be advised: Almost all pictures are in black and white…so you know they’re old!

NOTE: All photos in this blog were obtained from the University Special Collections and Archives · A.S. Cook Library.


1970: This was Towson’s first intercollegiate football game…EVER! We played Johns Hopkins University that day!


1970: Another photo from the game. Even back then, the university was ALWAYS under construction! Imagine this field being on TV!


1967: The man, the legend, the eventual mascot! Donald “Doc” Minnegan! Doc was a Physical Education teacher who brought many of our athletic programs to life and led them into intercollegiate competition. He brought soccer, baseball, gymnastics, track, wrestling, lacrosse and football.


1978: Joseph W. Cox, Dean of the University, H. William Bauersfeld, Jr., Vice President of and Paul E. Widsom, Vice President for Institutional Development poses inside Minnegan Stadium. That’s right! The stadium was once named after Doc. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Doc was the man! He established the Towson Athletic Hall of Fame and became its first member. He’s also in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Hall of Fame. When the stadium was re-built and re-named Johnny Unitas Stadium, certain rooms in the stadium were named after him. After Doc’s death in 2002, the university mascot was named “Doc the Tiger!”

Decorations_at_Halloween_party (1)

1928: Towson gets…Oh, I’m sorry. At this point in history, the school was named the Maryland State Normal School (see the MSNS on top of the stage?). Well, here, the MSNS stage gets a Halloween makeover.


1928: More decorations from the hall at the MSNS. I wouldn’t drink out of that well if I were you…


1948: By this time, the name of the school was the State Teachers College of Towson…and they had a Halloween dance! Do we get one of these?


1968: A very fancy picture of the Homecoming Queen’s Court Luncheon. Manners everyone!


1970: The 1969 Homecoming Queen, Besty Maher, and her father walk the field during the Homecoming festivities. *SNAPS*


1959: Throwback to when Towson State College had a Homecoming parade! This float was done by the junior class to honor the Class of 1949.


1900: Now this goes way way way back to the Homecoming parade in 1900!


1969: OMG IT’S IN COLOR!!! A Homecoming float attempts to depict the U.S. manned moon landing.


1968: Towson students Alicia Terrell, Pattie Morrison, Collette Slusher, and Dottie Fisher pose for a Homecoming picture. Was this done by Kanji in a past life? Maybe?


1967: Who says teachers and administrators can’t have fun? Dean Murphy, Dr. Donald Cassatt and Mrs. Cassatt enjoy themselves at the Homecoming dance.


1957: The old Albert S. Cook Library. If this building looks familiar, that’s because the building above is now the Media Center. The current Cook Library was not built until 1968.


1946: An aerial view of the State Teachers College of Towson. My has this campus changed!


1969: Update to when the school was Towson State College. A little closer to what we have now.


Late 1990’s: Much better. This (sort of) looks like our current campus!

Alright Tigers, let’s go back to the future and Enjoy Homecoming!