In case you guys didn’t know TU Motorfest is next Saturday, May 10th from 1pm-5pm in the Administration Building Lots 23 and 24. This will be Towson’s first International Auto Show and it will include awesome cars of all shapes and sizes! So yeah, it’s a big deal! Off-Campus Student Services is putting on the event and we are encouraging all Towson students to come out and enjoy the fast cars and other festivities. It is completely free to attend and you can also register to bring your own car to the show right here. In honor of this groundbreaking event here are the 15 most iconic cars from the movies and television! Back to the Future backtothefuture If you’re traveling through time you might as well do it in style. The iconic DeLorean DMC-12 that Doc and Marty use throughout the Back to the Future movies was actually only produced from 1981-1983. However, there’s no need to fear, you won’t have to travel back in time to drive one of these as DeLorean has been making a modern model since 2008. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ferriscar The Ferrari 250 GT that Ferris and company cruise around Chicago in is a real thing of beauty. That is, until it meets its demise at the end of the film. We can only pray that Cam’s dad wasn’t too hard on him… National Lampoon’s Vacation nationallampoon Five separate versions of the 1983 Wagon Queen Family Truckster were built for National Lampoon’s Vacation to demonstrate the wear and tear the car is supposed to go through during the film. You know, the usual wear and tear of flying over a cliff, housing a dead Aunt Edna, and having Chevy Chase drive it for over 1,000 miles. Magnum P.I. magnumpi It’s hard to choose what was more beautiful. The 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS used throught the 8 seasons of the show or Tom Selleck’s masterful moustache…. Just perfection. Starsky and Hutch starskyhutch If you weren’t distracted by Ben Stiller’s fake perm or the fact that Snoop Dogg’s character was a flamboyant pimp named Huggy Bear, than you may have noticed this thing of beauty. The 1975 Ford Torino is a sleek piece of machinery but probably not the best choice for an undercover cop duo… The Fast and the Furious Fast and Furious cars The Fast and the Furious series has showcased its fair share of iconic vehicles. However, nothing beats the 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo that the late Paul Walker flew around in. Dumb and Dumber muttcutts What kind of car could possibly be idiotic enough for Harry and Lloyd to drive around the country? A van that is a dog. “You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?” Knight Rider kttt The 1982 Pontiac Trans Am (KITT) from Knight Rider wasn’t really all that special. All it had was the ability to conversate with David Hasselhoff in the voice of Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Wayne’s World waynecar If your gonna get a hatchback, at least paint it light blue and throw some flames on it! That must have been Garth’s thought process when he bought the 1976 AMC Pacer that he drives throughout the Wayne’s World movies. SCHWING! Scooby-Doo mysterymachine While we’ve never quite figured out what went on in the back of the Mystery Machine… There’s no doubting that the gang’s tripped out 1960s Volkswagon Bus was a groovy way to get around. Dukes of Hazzard general lee The 1968 Dodge Charger pridefully named the General Lee is about as redneck as Jeff Foxworthy doing a stand up routine while riding his John Deere at a Luke Bryan concert. But that doesn’t make the car any less awesome! If anything, the only downside to the General Lee is it justified putting the confederate flag on your pick-up truck 150 years after the South rose. Jurassic Park jurassic The neon green 1993 Ford Explorer’s from the first Jurassic Park movie look almost too cool for a car that was made in the 90s. By the way, the car drives itself and has glass windows reinforced to withstand an attack from a T-Rex. I say skip the insurance on this one. Ghost Busters ghostbusters Who you gonna call?! The 1959 Cadillac Ecto-1 used in the 1984 film looks like the love child of an ambulance, a hearse, and a spaceship, but with Bill Murray behind the wheel are you really gonna question the coolness of this ride? Bond bondcar Throughout the years, everyone’s favorite English spy has had his fun with a fair share of beautiful cars and women, for that matter. But nothing comes close to the perfection that is the Aston Martin DB5. Don’t you wish your Chevy Volt company car was a $4.7 million dollar thing of beauty? Batman batmobile For something so unique and instantly recognizable, the Batmobile sure has changed over the years. The OG Batmobile was actually a 1955 Lincoln Futura souped-up so it was cool enough for Adam West to drive. In the most recent Dark Knight films the Batmobile, or Tumbler, is equal parts tank and sports car.   Make sure to follow @TUMotorfest on Twitter and find the event on Facebook and Instagram. We hope to see everyone there!

-Ron Miller