Remember last week when I mentioned how much I loved Towson’s active and friendly campus? Multiply that feeling times a thousand!

Last Friday I posted my first official blog and, at the insistence of my friends I also started a Facebook account. Not even one week later, I have over 250 new friends! I’m seriously feeling the love here, Towson, it’s hard to believe that someone so little could receive such a huge response!

If you stopped by earlier this week, you got to hear about the awesome concert that was hosted last Saturday (thank you Dana!), and probably felt like you missed out if you didn’t go. It’s ok, my friends are always planning awesome events, so something else will pop up that you’ll get to attend!

What I want to do this week is take some time to introduce some more of my Student Activities friends. You got to meet Dana, Cori, and Elaina last week, but believe it or not, there are seven other people that I work with! Each person plays an important part in helping me get to know Towson a little better, which will hopefully help you to do the same!

First, we’ve got Mike Travers, Robbie Grassl, and Talia Gudelsky. These students help to run the show, making sure everyone on our team is working together and has what they need to get things done. They’re the idea people. Everyone else calls them “Marketing Assistants,” but they’re really just the big cheese that keeps everything together. Sure, they almost broke Facebook and get in trouble for posting flyers in Paws, but those are just little things (like me)!

Next, we’ve got Kelly Wright, who’s a real wiz with a mouse! She’s our webmaster and taught me how to use the internet. Of course, I’ll never be on quite her level (in more ways than one), but because she’s double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Art + Design she’s definitely my go-to girl.

The final part of my team is in charge of making sure you get to see what we see at the events! They started with our team just in time to capture some great moments during Homecoming Week! Terrance Clark is our videographer, and Tyrone Williams and Devin Abrams are our photography duo. Be sure to check out their awesome video and photography work on Facebook, Twitter, and even right here on our blog!

Well, that’s everybody, But I have so much more to say about each member of the team! If you’re interested in learning more about us, please check out our individual bios on the About Sam page!

Click here to learn more!

That’s about all I have for you guys today, but I have an exciting post in the works for you next week! Hopefully you’ll find it relatable and entertaining, and maybe I’ll include fewer mouse puns (they’re getting pretty cheesy). And don’t forget, I’m here for you, so I’d love to hear your ideas on what you think I should be covering! Tomorrow I’m going to be participating in Adopt-A-Campus, which is a great way to give back to your campus community. Maybe I’ll see you there!