A Saturday is not complete at Towson until you get to watch two awesome live bands performing at Paws. My friend and I decided to go to Paws after an interesting day at John’s Hopkins. Why did we go to Hopkins? Just to explore. Remember, I’m the adventure girl, Dana (Read my bio!). Anyways, it was so cold outside and we hadn’t eaten all day so Paws was the perfect place. And I was also so excited to hear Johnny Graham and the Groove and Stacked Like Pancakes after dinner as part of Student Activities Saturday Scene. Apparently, a lot of you guys were excited to see them too because every chair was taken!

My friend and I sipped coffee as we waited for the performances to start. We were hoping our coffee would keep us warm since Mother Nature decided that it would be freezing outside when it was 80 degrees the day before!

We forgot about the weather almost instantly when Johnny Graham and the Groove kicked off the show. Among seven young men, a girl approached the mic. The audience was quiet and attentive as the girl recited something she called “musical poetry.”  She definitely set a relaxing and soulful mood.

Johnny Graham’s album “The Inspiration” Picture Courtesy of Facebook

Then the music started. A trumpet blared, drums kept a beat and a bass guitar twanged. The audience swayed. Then, I heard a familiar tune. “What song is this? I know this!” I asked my friend next to me. Soon it was clear that they were playing “Find Your Love” by Drake. But their version was only instrumental and it was so cool and jazzy! I always love hearing songs from the radio all jazzed up.

The band’s lead singer, Jamal Harrison, had the brightest personality, matching his bright pink shirt and his sweet voice. He was so good at getting the audience involved and even joined the audience at one point.

Oh, and I forgot one of the coolest parts of the band! One of the band members played an auto-tuning instrument. He sang into a mic and pressed keys on a keyboard. But he got ready to play and then BOOM! The sound equipment malfunctioned. The audience all jumped! But the band continued on without a complaint. Now that’s keeping composure!

The band was even educational! I learned about something called “cuffin season” where people find a boo to cuddle with in the winter time and then break up with them when the weather gets nice again. Hmm, maybe I wouldn’t need that coffee to keep me warm after all.

The band ended with a Michael Jackson tribute and then Stacked Liked Pancakes was welcomed onto the stage.

Stacked Like Pancakes logo. Picture courtesy of Facebook

The first thing I noticed about this band was their clothes. They looked so fun and chill. One member wore banana yellow pants. Another wore purple Raven’s pajama pants. The drummer wore a t-shirt with a tie. This was going to be interesting.

Stacked Like Pancakes was introduced as the band that opened up for Tigerfest this year and won the battle of the bands. Their energy devoured the room as soon as they started. “Hey ho, let’s go!” they sang. They invited everyone to get close and start dancing. The band’s excitement definitely spread to the audience members. I saw you guys doing some crazy dance moves!

We also found out that it was the saxophone player’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Hunter! He was so excited that he jumped into the audience a bunch of times. He couldn’t even keep his shirt on!

The band played a lot of fun rock songs and the audience enjoyed every second. Then, the lead singer said more people needed to come join everyone dancing. I shrunk in my seat. (I’m NOT one to dance in front of everyone).  He looked straight at my friend and me and said, “I see you guys out there on the balcony. My mom told me about people like you!” Oops!

The band played some familiar pop songs and some of their own songs from their album. The played “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars and they even played the NFL theme song, which was pretty cool. The played a song called “Odd Times” from their new album. They’re sound was really cool because it mixed some horn players with guitar and drums to create rock music.

As the concert came to an end, the band said they wanted to perform a social experiment. They asked the audience to go onto their smart phones and write “YOU SUCK” on their Facebook wall. See how many people did it here.The band definitely didn’t suck, though! Let me know what you guys thought by commenting on this post. What a fun night. Next time I’ll dance with you guys, promise! -Dana Kobilinsky

Check out the pictures from Saturday!