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6 Pictures That Describe Breathe Carolina In a Nutshell

Breathe Carolina, (BAH BAH BAH) where good songs never seemed so good! Ahh, nothing like a little Neil Diamond to kick off a blog. As most of you know, or are literally just now finding out, the electronic rock team of Breathe Carolina is one of the featured bands at this year’s Tigerfest. As maybe a relatively unknown band to students, here are 6 pictures we think best describe this trendy tandem; plus some fun facts to go along with them.

1. Pizza Beach BrosBreathe1

Kyle Even and David Schmitt, the charismatic band leaders, are just two regular guys who like to chill, party, and eat pizza. Basically they’re the real life ninja turtles but if the ninja turtles had a band. Also they don’t live in the sewer.

Fun fact: Breathe Carolina is actually from Denver, Colorado. LIARS!

2. That REEAL Rock n Roll AttitudeBreathe3

The first thing- actually the only thing- you need to know about Breathe shows is they get WILD; especially when they play hit groove, “Blackout”. If you don’t like to jump and scream and dance and punch babies you’re at the wrong show. Oh, the babies thing? I guess we got a little carried away. They’ll do that to you.

Fun fact: Breathe Carolina DOES NOT punch babies.

Breathe23. Hard in the Paint

Their twitter bio says it best: “We are subliminally corrupting the youth of America, one word at a time.” This kaleidoscopic, paint-splashed picture exemplifies the group’s ‘80s-tinged electro melodies and hip-shakingly infectious driving beats’, which drive audiences absolutely crazy!

Fun fact: Breathe Carolina can be found on the fifth edition of hit collab series Punk Goes Pop covering Billie Jean by the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Check it out HERE!

4. ‘Up’ Deleted SceneBreathe4.0

Silly, silly boys. Kyle and David have an awesome sense of humor which is quite evident after a quick browsing of their Instagram account (officialbreathecarolina). These guys seem to be everywhere and with pictures ranging from fortune tellers, to dogs, to tour hijinks, their Instagram is definitely worth a follow.

Fun fact: On March 25 the guys announced that their new album will be called ‘Savages’.

Breathe55. Stage Presence

To the extreme, they rock the mics like some vandals. They light up the stage and wax chumps like a candle. That’s a quick poem we made up. Don’t google it because we thought of it by ourselves and you’d be wasting your time. This cool pic of Kyle shows just how up, close, and personal Breathe gets to their fans and how much they appreciate them. You can follow Kyle @BreatheKyleEven and David @davidlovesit.

Fun fact: Kyle and David tied for ‘Best Hair’ in their senior high school superlatives.

6. Signature Dance Move breathe6

Another funny shot of boys being boys. We could give you another blurb about the band, but we think we’ll turn it over to them: CLICK HERE.

Fun fact: You can check out all of Breathe Carolina’s videos on youtube at

Don’t forget, fools: Tigerfest is Friday, April 19 and the fun starts at 3:30 pm. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

-Mike (Founder of Mike and Ike) and Ron Washington

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